100% biobased textile not a matter of course

Pure Nature: 100% biobased

Wool, linen, cotton: the textile industry has traditionally used natural materials. And yet precisely this industry embraced the use of synthetic petroleum-based fibres after the Second World War. What is more, textile is full of property-improving additives such as plasticizers, fire retardants, pigments, stabilizers, adhesives and nucleating agents. It is time for a sustainable alternative.

That is the objective of the Interreg project ‘Pure nature: 100% biobased’: to provide sustainable, non-toxic, biodegradable alternatives based on renewable raw materials. This should enable the carpet and clothing industries in Flanders and southern Netherlands to use up to 50% biobased materials in their products by 2030. High-quality fibres and yarns that are made entirely from biobased materials are needed for this purpose. The significant size of these markets means there is a potentially huge impact on the environmental footprint.


Benjamin Weise and Yvonne van der Meer at the compounder of AMIBM.

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